Case Study 2

Homogenization of data from different laboratories

Case study 2 (collaboration)
scientific data sharing

Topic: Collaboration


Our client for this case is a large company that has several laboratories spread over different sites. Each laboratory generates data with existing systems (databases, files, results of experiments).



Each laboratory has its own method of work and its own information, so our client had two challenges.

  • The use of different terms concerning the same subjects depending on the laboratories. The vocabulary of the Life Sciences is very varied, the molecules and compounds can have several names and synonyms. The fact that the different laboratories use different terms prevented them from working in a homogeneous way.
  • Unstructured data was not tied to structured data, so it was not possible to have them talk together.



We set up Inquiro as a tool for centralizing multi-source data. The data is not duplicated, but referenced. The same is true for different data sources. We also proposed to our client to use ontologies to harmonize data dictionaries and the vocabulary used by all its laboratories.



Our client is now able to have a business oriented data organization. Data is organized to meet the needs of users, who are no longer constrained by the organization of different laboratories. Inquiro users can look at data from different angles as needed. Access to information is accelerated because data is centralized and there is no need to connect to systems to find it. The information is harmonized, allowing the user to find all the data he needs. Inquiro can recognize the text in an image, allowing a more exhaustive and relevant search. We do not miss any information. In addition, this harmonization allows Inquiro users to share information much more peacefully, with more clarity and clarity.

scientific data collaboration


  • Users have gone from obtaining 2-3 information per day to 1 information obtained in 10 minutes. Therefore, they can now get in 30 minutes the result of 3 days of research without Inquiro.
  • This customer needs to search for information between 100 and 500 times per user per year. It went from 33 days to 2 days of research to get 100 pieces of information.


Our client’s comment : “Users are conquered!”