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Storing hundreds of terabytes or even petabytes of data has become the norm in many industries.

Inquiro provides a Big Data storage engine :

  • It adapts organically to extremely large volumes, up to petabytes.
  • It can manage an enormous number of files, up to several tens of millions.
  • Your files can be stored locally or in different data centers (servers).
  • Its advanced technology assigns every file a unique ID as well as descriptive information in the form of metadata. Because all of this information is indexed, you can access any file, regardless of which terms you use.

When it comes to the choice of metadata, users enjoy a degree of flexibility that vastly increases the potential for analyses. This allows you to implement unprecedented new data processing methods.

Metadata generator

Harnessing its unique technology, Inquiro uses various techniques to automate profiling of your data:

  • Automatic extraction of metadata from any file, of any type or origin, based on industry standards, such as DICOM, FASTA, ISA-Tab, etc.
  • Semantic analysis of file content based on public or proprietary ontologies and taxonomies (MESH, GEO, OBO, etc.) to establish contextual associations and identify key concepts.
  • Automated classification of files also based on existing or identified metadata, user interactions and business rules.
metadata management machine learning


The combination of these approaches empowers you to understand, identify correlations and model the knowledge buried in your data. Important information about the files (type, key words, topic, project, author, etc.) is instantly highlighted.

data management



Inquiro features an agile search engine that offers options from simple key word searches to guided searches. It provides a range of tools to search for one or more files within your organization.

The integrated search engine, designed specifically for scientists, guides the user and facilitates the search for documents:

  • Inquiro adapts to the complexity of the living world distinguishing among homonyms based on their nature (ontology). Thus, a search for CD19 can be limited to the protein, the gene, or the pathway.
  • Searching by concept draws on the wealth of scientific vocabulary.
  • Dynamic filtering makes it possible to organize results according to subject matter based on search criteria.
  • Assisted searching based on users’ interactions with the system. Previous searches, lists of files created by users, and information shared among team members are used to suggest topic-based searches.
  • Recommended content and experts increases the relevance of results and fosters collaboration.

Inquiro provides a unified, intuitive and relevant search experience.


Engineering and innovation are extremely important to DEXSTR. Our team of developers strives to apply the latest technological innovations in the fields of Big Data, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. We also take pride in providing a reliable, sustainable solution. This is why we built Inquiro using innovative technologies that are recognized by industry:

  • SolR is a scalable and extensible open-source search engine. It is considered a reference solution widely used by the most discerning companies.
  • MongoDB is a leader in Big Data databases, guaranteed to provide a reliable solution for the storage of large volumes of data.
  • AngularJS is an open-source framework for building user-friendly and responsive web applications. Broadly used in industry, this technology makes it possible to develop optimized, easy-to-use interfaces that are accessible from any platform or device.