« Good science requires good data. Good data requires good scientific metadata »

With Inquiro make your scientific metadata matter !

We focus on understanding our client’s needs for Life sciences data management and on-demand software development.

We provide for the first time an innovative Scientific Knowledge Management System, Inquiro, leveraging scientific metadata to uncover knowledge from the unstructured data. Derived from latin, Inquiro means “try to discover” or “try to find” and refers therefore the concept to find / discover scientific knowledge hidden in huge volumes of unstructured data. Inquiro is the only software helping scientists in the life sciences to capture and structure scientific information with scientific metadata and ontologies.

With Inquiro, your scientific metadata are the keystone of your organization. They align your teams and their data, whatever the scientific areas, ranging from Discovery to the Clinic. This unique metadata-based approach facilitates the search for information and allows large scale collaboration by providing a 360° view of the scientific knowledge in your organization.

Major pharmaceutical companies worldwide use Inquiro for identifying biomarkers, proteomics, genomics and imaging.

Inquiro undertakes to transform your data into knowledge so that your ideas of today can become tomorrow’s innovations.

Inquiro overcomes challenges in storing and curating all type of data sets…

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The success stories of our clients illustrate the benefits of Inquiro

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